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Soft make-up sponges in a set of 4

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Super soft. Flexible. Ready for any use. The Make-Up Blenders.

If you love makeup and want to stand out more with your look than bad contouring, these makeup eggs are for you! Whether natural or elaborate, all makeup should be blended well.

Contouring is on trend

Everywhere you look, there are numerous contouring tips and tutorials. And this can certainly be justified by the fact that you can learn how to narrow your face in no time. With the right lines and transitions, your face can look narrower, more open and fresh.

It's all about the blend

These 4 superheroes will help you make each of your looks flawless. Both liquid and creamy textures blend perfectly.

The versatile shapes make it easy to apply your make-up over a wide area and even reach those hard-to-reach places.


The make-up sponge is a real all-rounder thanks to its well thought-out shape. You can blend liquid make-up as well as BB creams, mineral make-up, powder and blush perfectly. This ensures a flawless complexion without unsightly make-up edges.

Did you know that first makeup sponge is a development of Hollywood practicing makeup artist Rea Ann Silva?


Use the makeup sponge to blend liquid textures like makeup and concealer on your face without any edges. With the versatile sides in the classic egg shape, you can easily apply textures over a large area and even reach hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.

Your all-rounder for the perfect finish

1. moisten the sponge with water so that the make-up is not completely absorbed by the sponge. Squeeze it well and let it dry slightly. 2.

Apply a small amount of make-up on the back of your hand or directly on your face. Pick up the texture with the rounded sides. 3.

3. gently pat the makeup evenly onto your face. Tip for you: The pointed side helps you blend transitions without edges.

4. clean the sponge after each application and let it dry well.

By the way, you can also apply your blush and powder evenly with the soft make-up eggs. For this, the sponge should be dry.

The make-up sponge is suitable for foundation, mineral make-up, BB cream, CC cream and powder.


Included in the set are 4 super soft makeup eggs that will make any of your makeup looks flawless and will help you achieve any look perfectly with their versatile shapes.