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Lippenpflege leicht gemacht

Beautiful, velvety soft and voluminous lips - who would not like them? But this is sometimes not so easy: our lips are exposed to external environmental influences every day anew.

Whether heat, cold, seasonal changes, sun exposure or even heating air - they really have to put up with so much. In addition, a good lip care is often still underestimated or completely forgotten.

The consequence of these external circumstances in combination with poor or insufficient lip care are mostly frayed lip contours or chapped and cracked lips.

Bye Bye Chapped and Cracked Lips

This not only looks unsightly, but it feels that way too! Cracked lips are quite painful, must be painstakingly rebuilt and maintained. However, it should not come to that in the first place.

With the Lip Care by Dr. Massing lips are fully cared for, moisturized and supplely soft all day long.

SoftLips revolutionizes lip care with a unique complex of active ingredients and deliberately avoids mineral oils, silicones and kerosenes.

lip care soft lips smooth mouth

This is how SoftLips makes your lips buttery soft

SoftLips leaves lips noticeably softer and smoother after just a few minutes

The unique combination of plant oils and hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin layer and provides it with long-lasting moisture from within.

Even fine lines (pleats) and wrinkles are effectively plumped up and reduced.

With rich shea butter, precious beeswax and essential vitamin E acetate, the lips become supple soft and super SoftLips. The result is velvety soft lips full of resilience, vitality and volume.

Unlike other lip care products, one application twice a day is quite sufficient for butter-soft, smooth lips. So there is no danger of addiction!

When applying like to be a little more generous and SoftLips consciously also apply over the contour of the lips. So also frayed lip contours have no more chance and belong from now on to the past.

Unique active ingredients convince


  • Combination of plant oils and micro-molecular hyaluronic acid
  • For a deep and long-lasting supply of pure moisture for super soft and voluminous lips

Rich shea butter and precious beeswax

  • Provide soothing care for irritated and dry lip skin
  • and a natural sun protection factor

Vitamin E acetate

  • protects your skin from free radicals
  • Acts anti-inflammatory, cell renewal and skin soothing

Natural gloss or with color

SoftLips gives lips a beautiful, natural and shiny look.

The lip care is also suitable as a primer under lipstick to provide lips with rich care and moisture.

Care your lips velvety smooth now

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