30 Days Beauty Challenge for radiantly beautiful skin

As soon as the temperatures creep upwards in spring and summer, I prefer a natural, radiant and sun-kissed complexion. It's probably not just me, but many others as well.

However, sometimes it's not so easy to feel completely comfortable in your own skin without foundation or makeup.

It is precisely the colder season with its external influences that makes a flawless start to the new, warmer season more difficult. The skin is then usually not necessarily in its best shape.

You know but surely also, right?

But not only the cold season and certain external influences can have a negative impact on the skin. Also a nutrient deficiency, stress or a hormonal change are directly reflected in our skin appearance.

You realize, the reasons can really be very diverse.

These are causes of skin problems

  • external circumstances (cold, sun, etc.)
  • hormonal changes (stopping the pill, pregnancy, etc.)
  • stress
  • unhealthy diet / nutrient deficiency
  • incorrect care of the skin

However, this is no reason to completely write off a beautiful, even complexion, because there is a solution for all these unsightly skin problems.

And it's called: BlossomBeauty #30DaysBeautyChallenge

Learn more about the Beauty Drink

Why should I do a 30 day beauty challenge?

With Blossom Beauty you can effortlessly and stress-free prepare your skin for the makeup-free start and significantly improve your skin appearance.

Radiant skin without makeup is therefore already within reach.

By the way, this is not an external care (as you might have suspected), but a holistic support from the inside out - with a delicious beauty drink.

Your body and skin are supplied with a 3-fold active ingredient combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and aloe vera as well as valuable vitamins and trace elements.

All these power ingredients take a positive influence on the skin's appearance and provide more radiance, a reduction of wrinkles and fewer impurities.

An additional plus is that not only our skin, but also the immune system and general well-being benefits from the fabulous beauty drink.

The intake of the Beauty Drink for our skin (and body) is super simple and already done in a few seconds.

Simply indulge in a beauty shot á 10 ml per day  (= daily portion) and ready.

The holistic approach of the Beauty Drink - to strengthen us from the inside out - unfolds its full effect after an application period of 30 days. By the way, you can learn more about this in the #30DaysBeautyChallenge.

Have you ever done so much for your body with so little effort? There's only one thing left to say: Cheers and here's to beauty!

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¹ Hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin healthy and young. ¹ Hyaluronic acid helps maintain good skin hydration. ¹ ² Biotin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and skin ³ Collagen helps (maintain) skin firmness and elasticity and provides strength, flexibility and support for the skin's connective tissues ³ Manganese contributes to normal connective tissue formation ¹ Riboflavin and niacin contribute to the maintenance of normal skin Vitamin C, zinc and selenium contribute to normal immune system function and protection of cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C and contributes to normal collagen formation for normal skin function¹. ⁴ Vitamin C, niacin and riboflavin contribute to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue.

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