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Set - FullHair Hair serum + Capsules

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Hair growth products in the set

Many know it: The hair is due to hormonal changes or external influences such as stress always thinner or even tends to stronger fall out and no longer regrow.

With the FullHair Set by Dr. Massing you can remedy this situation.The package of hair serum and hair capsules offers the concentrated power to support the natural regeneration of your hair, so that you also get back full and healthy hair.

  • Support your hair growth
  • FullHair hair growth remedy for the scalp
  • FullHair capsules to take as a dietary supplement
  • Helps with hair loss and dünnen hair
  • Crims the hair and makes it voluminousöser
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In the set: The best for your hair combined

If you suffer from fine hair or even hair loss, this can have many reasons: For men, hereditary factors play a role, but also äu;ere influences such as stress.

For women, it is especially hormonal changes, which are related to pregnancy, menopause or birth control pills. Our FullHair products can help especially with stress or hormonal hair problems remedy.

The hair set consists of the

  • FullHair Hair Serum (50ml)
  • as well as the FullHair capsules (90 pcs)

and thus provides the best possible support to crown your hair. The FullHair Serum supports thanks to Hyaluronsäure from the outside of the scalp, which forms the nährboden für healthy hair. In addition, it contains 6 different active ingredients that actively promote your hair growth, instead of just invigorating the hair as with conventional products.

Biotin makes your hair even stronger and more robust; the various, high-quality nourishing substances protect your hair and make it more supple.

The hair capsules in turn contain a whole 27 nutrients, which strengthen your hair from the inside out. Also included here is biotin, which contributes tostrongly growing hair .

Selenium fights against the hair loss and prevents it; the numerous vitamins and trace elements, on the other hand, lead to the fact that the hair healthier and more shiny acts.

Combined, the two FullHair products provide the ideal means to combat or prevent hair loss and help your hair back to healthy, powerful shine.

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